Portal to Tomorrow Mural at CES
At the BMW Innovation Experience at CES 2016, we recreated the 185-foot facade of Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel with an illusionary mural depicting BMW’s most advanced vehicles emerging from a future city atop a floating highway, headed directly toward the BMW Innovation Experience where attendees could test drive those cars.
ECD: Paul Renner, Marc Hartzman · CW: Rob Hirst-Hermans · AD: Jae Sung Jung · Production Company: Taylor James
BMW Wallpapers
Exclusive wallpapers for BMW fans to use, share, and ultimately look forward to on a regular basis.
GCD: Marc Hartzman · AD: Jae Sung Jung
BMW Site Design
BMW i Landing Page / BMW i Concept Site / BMW M Tumblr page / BMW i Forum
GCD: Marc Hartzman · CW: Casey Beck (BMW i Landing Page, BMW i Concept Site, BMW i Forum), Lauren Finn (BMW M Tumblr) · AD: Jae Sung Jung
BMW i3 DM - How We Made the Future
To tell the story of BMW’s first all-electric BMW i3, we created a booklet that lets the user peel away acetate layers of the vehicle to showcase all the innovative engineering.
GCD: Marc Hartzman · CW: Logan Leabo, Kathi Stark · AD: Jae Sung Jung
BMW M4 Digital Short - Abracadabra
GCD/CW: Marc Hartzman · AD: Jae Sung Jung · Director: Max Malkin
BMW M4 Digital Short - Skip
GCD/CW: Marc Hartzman · AD: Jae Sung Jung · Director: Max Malkin
BMW i3 Billboard - Rivalry
Using a prominent billboard space in downtown Boston, we took the infamous sports rivalry between Boston and New York to highlight the silent nature of the all-new, all-electric BMW i3 in a way that every Bostonian could appreciate.
GCD: Marc Hartzman · CW: Casey Beck · JR CW: Stephie Coplan · AD: Jae Sung Jung
The BMW Periscope Sales Floor
The first-ever automotive shopping experience created on Periscope to showcase the limited edition BMW i3 Shadow Sport and generate reservations.
GCD: Marc Hartzman · CW: Joe Rinaldi · AD: Jae Sung Jung
BMW M6 Press
To cerebrate the 40th Anniversary of the BMW M brand and the launch of most powerful M lineup in history – The M5 and M6, we created one-of-a-kind pieces of mail personally signed by an actual BMW M6 Coupe trademark.
GCD: Marc Hartzman · ACD: Kevin Keehn (CW), Cesar Rubin (AD), Kathi Stark (CW) · CW: Chris Lane · AD: Jae Sung Jung · Director: Kevin Osgood
BMW 3 Series Yahoo HPTO
For the all-new BMW 3 Series launch, we created Yahoo HPTO that allowed users to explore every angle of the 3 Series with the full webpage.
CD: Paul Collins, Marc Hartzman · AD: Jae Sung Jung · Development Partner: Yahoo.com Development Team
TE Connectivity - Infographics
Infographics were created and posted online to drive interest to TE by presenting engineers with the Internet of things / Data Communication whitepapers.
GCD: Marc Hartzman · CW: Kathi Stark · AD: Jae Sung Jung
Harman - Clarifi
CD: Andreas Baumert, Everett Ching, Michael Abell · JR AD:Jae Sung Jung
H&M Billboard
CD: Frank Anselmo · CW: Jae Sung Jung · AD: Jae Sung Jung
Logo / Sign / Menu / Business Card
AD: Jae Sung Jung, Bo Mi Jo